Single Implant


Hybrid denture

Fixed denture

  • Unlike implant overdenture this ever long-lasting prosthesis will be permanently fixed into your mouth

“on a side notes”…

1. Patient compliance for good oral hygiene is mandatory
2. More expensive than implant over denture
– They are viable option for replace one or more missing teeth
– They can support fixed permanent bridges, or help better support full/partial dentures
Pros of Implant Cons
  • Most similar to your natural teeth
  • No need to alter or grinding down adjacent teeth
  • Time-consuming
  • More expensive than other options (based on my experience, patients
    agree that they are worth it)
  • Need enough bone to place implant

Implant overdenture

  • Implant under a denture can help slow bone loss, plus, they can attach to the denture to hold it in place
  • They still need to be taken out before bed and clean it everyday
  • Healing time may take 3~6 months

“on a side notes”…

  1. Ideal candidate: have heathy gums and enough bone
  2. Patients with diabetes: delayed healing
  3. Patient with periodontitis: lack of bone, may need bone graft
  4. Smokers: smoking interrupts implant integrating into the bone and disrupts the healing process

Bone graft

  • Patient with lack of bone support needs may qualify for bone graft prior to implant placement