PREVENTIVE cleaning and exam

Routine Examination

  • According ADA (American Dental Associations) recommendation, patient would needs bitewing exams at 6 or 24 months intervals depends on the patient
  • Oral cancer screening is done by dentist during routine checkups to look for any new sore, lump, or discoloration in your mouth
    – According to ADA, smoking and drinking alcohol causes about 75% of oral cancer in the U.S.


  • Plaque can be controlled with daily brushing and flossing AND regular dental visits
  • Along with your routine checkup, dentists recommend cleaning every 6 months
  • Proper oral hygiene instruction will be provided during your visit at YK dental care

Scaling root planning and perio maintenance

  • Plaques hardens into calculus overtime, it harbors bacteria that will deteriorate the gum tissues and bone
  • Hardened calculus must be removed by dental hygienist using instruments
  • left untreated periodontitis can result in tooth loss
  • Patient with periodontitis usually recommend maintenance every 3 months
perio maintenance

Mouth guard

  • Use custom-fit mouth guard to protect your mouth during sports

Night guard

Stress, behavior, genetic, or abnormal bite can cause you to grind your teeth

  • Common symptoms from grinding your teeth while they’re asleep includes headaches, toothaches, and sore facial muscles
  • Avoiding teeth grinding at night and prevent damaging your teeth
  • These are different from mouth guard!