Single Crown

No Metal / Max 1hr, 2 appointments

  • Viable option for
    – esthetic needs
    – restoring tooth function
    – protect large broken-down tooth or fillings
  • Requires tooth reductions (1.5-2mm) all the way around the tooth
  • Covers the entire tooth
Pros of veneers Cons
  • Can custom make tooth to control size, shape, texture and color
  • More expensive than bondings
  • Involve more tooth reduction than veneers but stronger than veneers
  • Irreversible
single crown


No Metal / 1hr, 2 appointments

  • Prosthetic with artificial tooth (called pontic) attached to two crowns. They are cemented to the teeth on either side
  • Viable options for replacing a missing tooth, restore tooth function, and aesthetic
Pros of Permanent Bridge Cons
  • feels and function more like natural teeth than removable
  • You don’t need to remove at night
  • Replace teeth where there’s not enough bone for implants
  • Cost more than removable
  • Require filing down the adjacent teeth

“on a side notes”…
1. With much force, restoration can chip or break
2. If tooth is too damaged, crown may require instead
3. Best candidates are teeth that are healthy, free of decay and periodontal disease

Complete Denture

15-30 mins / appointment, 5 appointments or more

Pros of veneers Cons
  • No more toothache
  • Loss of your natural teeth
  • They are removable and can be uncomfortable
  • Affect taste and may limit on what you can eat
  • Affect speech
  • Bottom denture does not adhere well
  • Take it out before bed

“on a side notes”…

  1. Chewing pressure using complete denture can be reduced by over 75%
  2. AVOID having lower complete denture. They are not stable because your lower jaw and tongue is in constant motion. It can easily dislodge your denture.
  3. Denture wearers loss bone on the ridges over time, your denture has even less support when this happens on your lower jaw. We strongly recommend considering implant overdenture for your lower jaw, if possible.
  4. Patients still need to gently cleanse their gum and clean their dentures every night.
  5. Patient who received full mouth extractions needs to wait 3 months for bone and gums to heal before proceeding with making dentures. Patient can be provided with temporary denture with an extra cost.
  6. Proper instruction on taking care of your complete denture will be provided during your visit at YK dental care

Implant Overdenture

  • Implant under a denture can help slow bone loss, plus, they can attach to the denture to hold it in place
Implant Overdenture

Partial Denture

15-30 mins / Appointment, 3 appointments or more

Pros of Removable Denture Cons
  • Easier to fix than permanent bridge
  • Less expensive than permanent bridge
  • Replace teeth where there’s not enough bone for implants
  • Less stable than non-removables prosthesis
  • Can be lost or break
  • Uncomfortable
  • Have to take out at night for cleaning
  • Not aesthetic as other options
  • 3 or more teeth missing in same arch

“on a side notes”…


  1. Partial dentures need to be removed from the mouth before bed
  2. Proper instruction on taking care of your partial will be provided during your visit at YK dental care

Mouth changes over time so your partial denture or complete dentures need to be adjusted, repaired, or relined for better retention YK dental care