• Recommended for children and for adults who are prone to cavities
  • Sealing teeth is pain free. They are quick and easy to apply
  • It lasts for several years and protects chewing surface in the back teeth
  • Good preventive way to protect your teeth from ‘plaque attack’

Composite Filling

30mins per tooth, 1 appointment

  • Viable option for
    –  chipped
    –  cracked
    –  deformed front teeth
    –  replacing silver amalgam
  • Filling in for small gaps (3mm or less)
  • Filling in cavities

Porcelain Veneers

Pros of veneers Cons
  • Custom-made more control over size, shape, color, texture, and position
  • Fast
  • Most aesthetically pleasing and natural looking restorations
  • More durable than bondings
  • More expensive than bonding
  •  Require filing down of your teeth only the facial surface (only 0.5 mm)
  • Irreversible

“on a side notes”…
1. With much force, restoration can chip or break
2. If tooth is too damaged, crown may require instead
3. Best candidates are teeth that are healthy, free of decay and periodontal disease